Cuba kids challenge: “Picture this on Route 66”

Route 66 photo in Cuba, Missouri

Route 66 scenes can be found inside or outside from Skippy’s to the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Think outside the box and use your imagination. Keep a Route 66 theme though.

Route 66 is an important part of Cuba, Missouri’s history, and it is important that young people are aware of this legacy. For that reason Viva Cuba, a community betterment organization, is challenging our young people to “Picture This on Route 66.” Kids use your creativity and photographic skill and you might win some dollars and get your photo displayed at the Route 66 Cuba Fest 2012 on October 20-21.

The Viva Cuba organization, in conjunction with Route 66 Cuba Fest 2012, announces a photo contest with a Route 66 theme titled Picture This On Route 66 for students in the Crawford County RII school district in the following age categories. Category I—ages 9-13. Category II—ages 14-18. As long as students are in the district, home school and private school students can participate.

Entries, interior or exterior shots, can be taken along Route 66 from Skippy’s Restaurant in Leasburg to the Route 66 Outpost in Fanning, Missouri. Three judges with expertise in photography will judge the entries on technical skill, composition, originality, and compliance with the theme and contest rules. Only one entry per contestant is allowed.

All entries must be turned into the Highway 19 Peoples Bank by the end of the business day Monday, October 1. No late entries will be accepted.

Prizes will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category ($75, $50, and $25). As many photos as possible will be displayed at the Route 66 Cuba Fest 2012. The entry form and more detailed rules can be accessed on the Viva Cuba website. Please print out the entry form and read it carefully. Mark your calendar to turn in your entry on time.

Kids take your best shot. We are looking for some winners.

Picture This on Route 66

Read the form carefully and meet the deadline for entries.


Tattoo shop opens in historic district


Update: This tattoo shop has now closed as the owner has relocated to the Texas area. This blog is left in place as an example of a small slice of Cuba, MO history.

A new tattoo studio Ozark Ink has opened at 110 N. Franklin in Cuba, MO. 573-205-0241. This is for informational purposes only. Please visit the business website for further details and updates.


Tattoo artist Tony Corral joins historic district in Cuba, MO

Tattoo artist Tony Corral joins historic district in Cuba, MO.

Tony Corral, a tattoo artist from Austin, Texas, has just opened Relic Tattoo Parlor and Gallery in the historic business district on Smith Street, just off Route 66.

Family man and artist, Corral wants to introduce an upscale creative enterprise to the Cuba, Missouri business district. His wife Sharon will be the shop director/manager and hopes to add some retail as their business grows.

For the full story of how Corral and his wife homeowner Sharon Hughes Corral opened their business read the Cuba Free Press article “Tattoo shop opens in historic district.”

Tony and Sharon Corral in the Relic Tattoo Parlor Cuba, MO

Tony and Sharon have worked hard getting their business ready to open in the mural district.

Corral family Cuba, Missouri

The Corral boys, Silas 4 and Cash 2, are enjoying the rural life.

Drawing table Relic Tattoo Parlor Cuba, MO

Tony’s drawing table is the creative center for his original designs and artwork.

Historic store front Cuba MO

The Corrals used historic colors and decor so that their business would enhance the business district.

Historic Building in Cuba, MO

Relic’s signage also has a historic look.

For more on the history of the building read here.

Cuba, MO has wall-to-wall art: the rest of the story

Cuba, Missouri is known as the Route 66 Mural City, but that is only part of the story. One of the results of Viva Cuba’s 12 outdoor murals project is the support and participation of Cuba businesses for Cuba’s public art project.

Some of Cuba’s other public art is very visible along Route 66 while other examples are tucked away in not so well-known areas. On our Viva Cuba website, we have a section known as Other Public Art. Click on the link to view examples of our public art outside Viva Cuba’s 12 murals and see if you are familiar with all of it.

You may be surprised to find that we have sculpture, 3D murals that light up, mural signs, utilitarian art, and religious art. Here’s one at Meramec Valley that we haven’t included on the site yet.

Meramec Valley Mural Sign

Meramec Valley wished to contribute to public art with their sign.

According to Deter Matlock from Meramec Valley, ” It was painted by Rick & Joan Hasamear, two very talented members at Meramec Valley. They worked on this in the basement of their home painting one 4ft by 8ft panel at a time. The Mural is 16 ft wide and 8ft tall. The idea was that as the Mural City we needed to particpate in the theme for the city with our new sign.”

It is the participation of our local businesses that keep our collection of public art growing. As someone who monitors comments and interactions of visitors to our town, I often hear Cuba referred to as “friendly, cute, quaint, and attractive.” These responses are important to our local economy. This perception of our town brings more visitors who enjoy what our businesses have to offer. That brings sales tax to our town and puts money into the pockets of our workers. It’s pretty much a win-win for all of us.

And we get to enjoy our art and stories it tells year-round.

Let us know of installations that we may not have pictured on our site. We are always updating.




Fun, chickens, and craziness in Cuba

Fanning Feed Grand Opening 2012

Carolyn Hughes Sanazaro and Cheri Hughes Tune pose with the Fanning Feed Chicken at the Grand Opening.

Even though we face some serious issues and the drought is raging, Cuba, Missouri is still a spot where we can pause for some fun. It may a special event, a short pause in the work day, or events that are brought to us by Route 66  or by  scenic Hwy. 19, both of which intersect our town.  Often, as I am out and about photographing and talking to people, I see some fun and crazy scenes. I think about what fun it is to be able to do this.

July 4th lets us remember the freedoms that we have and the sacrifices that have won these freedoms. Let us also remember the freedom to enjoy our country and town with a little fun and frivolity. I’ll let the captions provide the explanation.

Want some chicken with your groceries?  This scene met shoppers when Mace’s was promoting the new chicken product in their deli. We always provide a warm welcome in Cuba.

Mennonite passenger on Spyder motorcycle outside of Cuba, MO

The year 2012 brought a couple of great events to Cuba: Spyderfest U.S. 2012 and the opening of the Cuba Bakery and Deli by Mennonite community members. Here the two events came together when one of the Mennonite ladies took a ride on one of the Spyders that has cow graphics. This photo was provided my Matt Coblentz at the bakery. The spyder owner’s nickname is Cow Patty.

Family fun at Cuba Fest, the third weekend of October

Cuba Fest, the 3rd weekend of October, always provides good fun, activities, crafts, and music. The Bast family got into the spirit of the event with their unique outfits.

Chris Palmer's innovative Christmas tree made from AC coils

Some of our Cuba neighbors are innovative. Chris Palmer figured out how to use an air conditioner and coils to make this unique Christmas tree that he lit and displayed in the historic area.

For more on the “Coolest Christmas Tree on Route 66,” go here.

Cuba, Missouri Airport/Lane Sanazaro

You can always take to the skies. Here, Lane Sanazaro and his mom pause for a photo before they get ready to fly off from Cuba’s Municipal Airport, Mosby Field.

2011 Cemetery Tour/Cuba Fest

In Cuba, even a Cemetery Tour can be fun. This scene from the 2011 tour shows actors portraying the Foxes, a vaudeville team, who later came to Cuba and founded Fox Springs Lodge.

Cool Cars come to Cuba

A lot of cool cars cruise into Cuba on Route 66. They often stop to eat or take photos of the murals.

Lions Club September Car Show

The Lions Club Car Show in September is growing every year and brings all manner of striking vehicles. This year it is September 22. It’s in the Historic District, right off Route 66.

Running Route 66 in Cuba, Missouri

Once a year, we get really crazy and close Route 66 for a four-mile run down Route 66 to the Route 66 World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Last year several hundred locals and visitors took part. The 2013 race will be March 23. Get ready!

Even the animals have fun in Cuba.

Camel mooching a drink

This camel managed to mooch a drink. He evidently didn’t know about camels being able to go a long time without water.

Goat catching a ride on Route 66 in Cuba MO

This goat not only caught a ride on Route 66, he has a staff to see to all of his needs. Here they take a break at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba.

To see why these young men were traveling Route 66 with a goat, go to this Cuba Free Press article.

Coon hound sticking out his tongue

Sometimes a dog just sticks out his tongue and laughs.

Squirrels enjoying recreation in Cuba MO

This summer has brought a lot of squirrels to Cuba. Here a few of them enjoy some of our Crawford County recreation: golf, fishing, and canoeing on area rivers. Thanks to the Fanning US Outpost 66 for our models.

So remember, don’t be too serious. Enjoy the blessings of life. Have some fun.

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