Aerial views above Cuba, Missouri in 2012

I-44 interchange Cuba,, Missouri

With Midwest Travel Plaza to the left of the strut and the I-44 interchange on the right, this aerial shot shows Cuba's position on the interstate.

As part of its ongoing art projects, Viva Cuba commissioned a Christmas painting of Santa over Route 66 in Cuba. It will be a nostalgic-style of painting, and Viva Cuba offer prints created so that anyone who wants to buy one can share in this piece of art and Cuba history. Ray Harvey, who has painted a number of murals in Cuba, is the artist who will paint the commission. His painting won’t look like these aerials, but as part of his research, he needed to fly over Cuba and orient himself to the Route 66 corridor.

On May 10, 2012, Harvey and local pilot Don McGinnis took off from Mosby Field in Cuba to fly the skies of Cuba. It was a clear day with blue skies. Harvey took the photos, and he is sharing them with us so that we can get a “bird’s eye” view of Cuba.

Midwest Travel Plaza Cuba, Missouri I-44

The Midwest Truck Plaza, just off I-44, is a major employer as it services the many trucks who travel I-44. It also has a full service restaurant Dottie's. The grounds of the truck port are extensive.

McGinnis Wood Products East Rte. 66 Cuba, MO

McGinnis Wood Products manufactures barrels that are shipped to clients all over the US and the world.

Hwy. 19 (Franklin) & Route 66 (Washington) Cuba, Missouri

Find the 4-way intersection the middle of the photo with Wallis Companies, Midway, the Viva Cuba Garden, and the small Phillips 66 station. In the upper left, you can see the industrial park and the school across Hwy. 19.


Route 66 Cuba, Missouri

This is Route 66 (Washington) looking east. The photo also shows the Railroad that runs parallel to Route 66. Both Route 66 and the railroad were important to Cuba's development. You can find the 4-way again, Mid-State Lumber, the Washington Street Peoples Bank, Frisco's, and other local businesses. In the left corner you can see the apple mural and the mural on Hayes Shoe Store.


Route 66 in Cuba, Missouri

This is Route 66 running looking west.

This photos will become part of Cuba’s history and will freeze our development for future generations to see. The prints made from the image of Ray Harvey’s painting will debut at Route Cuba Fest 2012. More details of this offering will be presented when the painting is completed.

To see a previous aerial of the Fanning area go here.

Cuba Airport Mosby Field Cuba MO

4 responses to “Aerial views above Cuba, Missouri in 2012”

  1. Becky says:

    Please, please encourage Mr Harvey to incorporate the old water tower w/the crown Christmas lights!

  2. jane says:

    Does anyone have a photo of them? When were they there? What did they look like? I don’t remember them.

  3. Jill says:

    I remember the lights. Someone might check with Paul Dickens. Great photos, Ray, and thanks to pilot Don McGinnis!

  4. jane says:

    After a little research, I found a newspaper archive that said on December 5, 1963, that 480 colored lights were arranged around the base of the Cuba water tower in the form of a crown that could be seen miles away. This was a new and an added attraction in the city’s annual Christmas decorations. Also new were the fiberglass bells and garlands on the light poles. Several beautifully lighted community evergreen trees and a life-sized Nativity scene made Cuba a standout in Yuletide decorations. You can see the article on the Cuba MO Murals Facebook page.

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