Cuba, Missouri’s MO Hick BBQ on You Tube….

Artist David Judd, MO HIck BBQ

Artist David Judd enhanced this photo of Cuba’s MO HIck BBQ.

Cuba, Missouri is lucky to have a BBQ restaurant recognized as one of the best in Missouri. From their oversized Ory baked potato to the their smoked meats and own MO Hick BBQ sauce, Missouri Hick BBQ is a standout along Route 66. Travelers from around the world plan on a Cuba stop to enjoy some Ozark BBQ and service by the MO Hick Chicks.

The restaurant now has its own branded beers and signature BBQ sauces. Over the years MO Hick has built on to the original building, screened the upstairs deck and built an outdoor pavilion. The restaurant originally opened February 12, 2002. 

Rual Handmade Furniture at MO HIck in Cuba, Missouri

The restaurant’s handmade furniture and rustic decor present a warm atmosphere for diners.

Recently we ran across this short video of MO Hick and owner Dennis Meiser for a Cars for a Grand documentary. The crew traveled  Route 66 in a car that they purchased for under a grand and filmed their adventures along the way.

Cuba, Missouri Missouri Hick BBQ

The sign, the rustic exterior,  and the aroma of smoking meats draw  folks to Missouri Hick BBQ.

Cuba, Missouri Waterwheel MO Hick

Meiser’s Waterwheel is a much photographed feature at the restaurant

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