The Eiffel Tower or the Cuba Water Tower? Veterans Day meditations

Eiffel tower Paris, France

For most, seeing the Eiffel Tower would be a thrill. But soldier George Smith had other thoughts on his mind.

Some thoughts on Veterans Day…

When Judy Workman bought an antique dresser for Wallace House at an auction, she didn’t know the small slice of Cuba history that she would find inside–old photos, a WW II postcard, and other artifacts of a family. One photo and the front and back of a postcard gives us pause on this Veterans Day to think about the young soldiers who put their lives on hold to defend our country. They left their loved ones at home, sometimes to venture to far lands. How did they feel? What did they think about?

George Smith WWII

A young George Smith joined many during WWII to serve their country.

George Smith was a soldier who left his wife behind. He traveled to France  to serve during WW II. This post card of the Eiffel Tower and the sentiments he wrote to his wife Mrs. George Smith in 1944 show his feeling for the famous landmark and his feelings toward Cuba.

WWII Postcard from Paris, France

George Smith displayed his humor and his longing for his home of Cuba, Missouri in this postcard.

“Dearest, I’d prefer seeing the Cuba Water Tower. Am not having a wonderful time. Glad you’re not here. Ha. All my love George.

Our Cuba train tracks took many off to World War II and other wars and conflicts. Although some would travel thousands of miles, their hearts were often still in Cuba. Let us use this Veterans Day November 11 to remember and appreciate their service and their love for our country. 

Cuba, Missouri Water Tower

For soldier George Smith the memories of the Cuba, Missouri water tower took the place of his opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower.







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