The eyes of the world are on us; Let’s keep it clean!

May 7, 2016 32nd Annual Cuba, MO Trash Bash. Details Below!


They trashed your town…trash zombies hit Cuba

Throw down at the museum

Cans at Recklein Commons by the Museum and Veterans Memorial are an eyesore.

They trashed your town..

Yes, it’s true. While you weren’t looking, they trashed your town. (more…)

Viva Cuba takes aim on 2011 for boom year…

Outpost General Store cannon Fanning, Missouri

Viva Cuba wants to make 2011 a boom year.

1. With recent wind and snow storms, you may not think Viva Cuba has been active with beautification. But plans are underway for new and continuing projects in 2011. While it is important to maintain current beautification projects, 2011 will bring many new projects as well. Here’s an overview of  2011 projects.

2. Our new t-shirt with scenes of the vintage highway patrol car mural on Route 66 at the Phillips 66 station has sold out of some sizes, so we are going to reprint more in a different color, which we are still debating.

Viva Cuba t-shirt

We will be printing another edition of the current Viva Cuba t-shirt.

3. In March, Viva Cuba members are invited to participate in a Missouri Main Street Conference in Saint Genevieve to share our experience with our mural project. We are preparing a presentation for that and are glad that we can share news of Cuba, Missouri with others.

4. We are recruiting a Viva Cuba team to take part in the Route 66 Race to the Rocker on March 26, and we encourage others to take part.

5. We are planning for the Next Trash Bash in the spring. Last year, many groups and individuals of all ages came out to help, and much was accomplished. We will also be maintaining the Viva Cuba Garden and our state Adopt-A-Highway project on Hwy. 19.

6. In April, we go with the 4th graders for a narrated school bus tour of the murals.

7. In May, we will plant the black planters in town.


8. A BIG EVENT: On Saturday, May 14, The Route 66 Mural City Party kicks off with dinner, dancing, and a drawing for a $10,000 prize. Viva Cuba is sponsoring this community event to raise money to fund projects in 2011, which includes mural maintenance, and, who knows, maybe even a new mural. Committees have formed to make this event a good time for the community with dinner and dancing on the agenda. We will get some extra help from supporters outside Viva Cuba to make this event successful.  With only 300 tickets sold, a 1-in-300 chance to win makes some pretty good odds for someone to have a prosperous 2011. Mark this date and get a group together: family, friends, old classmates, etc.

Cuba, Missouri Holland Brothers

The fun loving Holland brothers will once again MC the May 7 event. This photo is from 2010.


9. This year’s Chair-i-table auction will be combined with the May 14 Route 66 Mural City Party.  A silent auction will take place during the event. Artists are designing and painting their one-of-a-kind chairs now.

10. Viva Cuba will take part in the Civil War Reenactment events in Leasburg, Missouri planned for October. It is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, and we want to participate in local activities. We will coordinate with the event planners to see how we can take part.

11. We continue our Adopt-A-Street program in 2011. This program lets individuals, businesses, and organizations adopt streets within Cuba for trash pickup. Viva Cuba has adopted north Smith Street.

12. The 3rd weekend of October is the annual Cuba Fest. On Saturday, Viva Cuba will bring the Tour St. Louis trolley to town for narrated tours of the murals along Route 66 and a Sunday Cemetery Tour with locals dressing up as historical characters to tell their stories. Saturday at Cuba Fest, Viva Cuba sponsors its annual Chili Cook-off in a quest for some award-winning chili, so we will be picking a theme and rounding up some chili chefs.

13. In December, we hope to have the Yuletide House Tour, so we will be asking homeowners to participate in the tour and organize signage, tickets, directions, and promotion. We will decorate the Viva Cuba Garden with lights, wreaths, and ribbons for Christmas.

14. Viva Cuba members will conduct narrated “big bus” tours of the murals when asked. The fees for these tours are used for mural maintenance.

15. We will continue the Cuba Missouri Murals blog and Facebook and Twitter pages. The un-expected always occurs. Book mark our blog or subscribe to an RSS feed to deliver new blogs  to your mailbox and stay up-to-date with the history, preservation, attractions, and events around town. We are always on the lookout for that odd piece of history, an old photograph, or information to share with readers. Share blog posts with others to let them know what a unique town that we have where “the walls talk and history meets art.” We want to continue to promote the murals, Route 66, other local attractions, restaurants, and lodging in Cuba with articles, ads, and spreading the word of Cuba however we can.

Viva Cuba has a many plans for the new year, and, at times, we hope you can be a part of them in 2011.

A dirty little secret…and 4 ways to clean it up in 2011…


All the world's a trashcan for some.

Viva Cuba is a beautification organization, and we like to work on positive improvements: murals, plantings, lighting, landscaping. But sometimes, it is necessary to look at some negatives. A once a year spring Trash Bash is not enough. We need community support to make a difference.

Look around the streets of Cuba. Every day you see signs of some people trashing them: plastic bottles, fast food, cigarette packs, and the ever popular liquor containers. This leads to the first way to improve the streets of Cuba.

1. Stop littering. Teach your kids not to litter. Set an example. The candy wrapper, the fast food wrappers, the empty drink bottles,used lottery tickets, the unwanted receipt or bag, or trash blowing out of the back of pickups: when this litter hits the streets, that shows disrespect. Every time a package or wrapper is thrown from a car or truck, it sets an example.

Cigarette package

Smoke 'em and toss 'em seems to be a bad habit for some.

2. Join the Adopt-A-Street program. You can do it individually, as an organization, or as a neighborhood group. Sometimes the socially responsible have to take the lead to make up for those who aren’t. Read the Cuba Free Press article that discusses the program. Get the details on the program on our website here. You can also obtain the registration form to join. Viva Cuba and some of our members have adopted streets. We keep the Viva Cuba Garden at the 4-Way clean. Other organizations are doing their part.

3. Not a joiner? Act as an individual. We appreciate businesses and homeowners who try to keep up with the litter around their neighborhoods. Read the Cuba Free Press article on Stephen Land, a transplant to Cuba, who has taken it upon himself to improve the streets of Cuba. Mr. Land understands the importance of keeping the historical areas of Cuba looking clean and tidy. His work has impressed many people. Think what a few more individuals could do.

Stephen Land

Stephen Land has adopted the streets of Cuba for his volunteer efforts.

4. Be litter conscious and help Viva Cuba spotlight a cleaner Cuba. If you sell products that could cause litter, post our sign that focuses on Treasuring Cuba and helping keep Cuba clean. We are working with the school to post the signs and put emphasis on not littering. Education is always a key. Email us or call if you will display a poster at your place of business in a place where all can see it. Make your business part of the solution in 2011. We will spotlight your posting of the posters in our blogs  and on our Facebook page.

Treasure Cuba Poster

Will you display our poster in your business?

As this year grows to a close and a new one begins, help Viva Cuba make a concerted effort in the next year to improve the streets of Cuba. Let city officials know what they can do. Offer your suggestions to the city or Viva Cuba. Pick a project where you can help. Drop us a note or send us a photo of what you or your group is doing to make a difference. Let’s not throw away our chance to be known not only as a pretty town but also as a clean town. Let’s hear some feedback. And share this post with others in Cuba.


Even some of our treasured public spaces are the victims of littering.

26th Annual Viva Cuba Trash Bash needs your help on May 1…

Viva Cuba would like to call on schools, organizations, businesses, churches, and homeowners to help Cuba keep its neighborhoods clean in 2010.Viva Cuba needs everyone's help to keep Cuba clean in 2010.

Viva Cuba needs everyone's help to keep Cuba clean in 2010.

Viva Cuba Needs Your Help for the 26th Annual Trash Bash

and for Keeping Cuba and our Neighborhoods Clean in 2010

Saturday, May 1          8:00 am

Gather at the Viva Cuba Garden for safety vests and trash bags.

Grab a bag, get your group organized and help us create a cleaner Cuba in 2010. If your group needs to work at a different time,  let us know what you are doing and where.

We want your photo too.

Fill out the registration form below and return it to Kim Baldwin,  Peoples Bank, PO Box H, Cuba, MO 65453. That way we know who is working where.

Inquire about the Adopt-a-Street Program

Organizations we need your help: Get your group together and choose an area to pickup trash. Many areas in town need attention:  Oakhill Road, East Washington, West Washington to Kinder Cemetery, Mapleshade Road, Fleenor Road, and others. If your organization has a building, pickup around all sides of your building.

Churches we need your help: Get your church group together and pickup the streets around your church.

Residents and families:  Organize your neighborhood or family and pickup trash around where you live.

Businesses we need your help:  Organize a workplace team and pick up on all side of  your businesses or buildings.

Schools we need your help: Educate the young people to the problems of litter. MoDOT has some excellent handouts on their website under their NO MO Trash program. Ask MoDOT to send a speaker to address your students. Make the anti-litter program a priority in 2010.

City of Cuba we need your help: Pick up some of the larger litter around town, such as the tires and furniture on Mapleshade Road.

Keeping Cuba Clean in 2010 is not a one-day event. We would like for your groups to make it a priority in 2010. We welcome your ideas and participation. Call Kim Baldwin 885-2511 with questions.

Photos Needed

Photos requested for use on Viva Cuba’s blog and the newspaper.  Take a good, in-focus photo of your group with full trash bags. Hold a sign with the name of the group or wear your group shirts if you want. Send the photos to Viva Cuba at Put the name of your group and where you picked up trash in the subject line. We will be publishing these photos.  We will not identify individuals in the photos, only group names.

 The Peoples Bank group lends a hand to Viva Cuba in 2009. Thanks for making a difference!

The Peoples Bank group lends a hand to Viva Cuba in 2009. Thanks for making a difference!

25th Annual

Viva Cuba Trash Bash

May 1, 2010  8:00 am

Registration Form

Complete the following and return as soon as possible

Team Information

Name                   ___________________________

Address                ___________________________

Contact Person    ___________________________

Email Address     ___________________________

Please tell us what area you plan to clean up ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Return to                 Kim Baldwin

Peoples Bank

701 N Franklin

Cuba, MO  65453

Be safe while picking up trash and make sure children are supervised. Safety vests are available.

Viva Cuba wants to keep Cuba MO clean in 2010.

Viva Cuba wants to keep Cuba MO clean in 2010.

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