The eyes of the world are on us; Let’s keep it clean!

May 7, 2016 32nd Annual Cuba, MO Trash Bash. Details Below!

From World’s Largest to the Route 66 Red Rocker!

In the fall of 2015, the Guinness World’s Largest Rocking Chair in Fanning/Cuba MO lost its designation of World’s Largest Rocking Chair (2008-2016) to a new rocker in Casey, Illinois. Owner Dan Sanazaro didn’t let this phase him. As he was expanding ┬áthe Fanning US66 General Store and Archery Range as well as the Fanning […]

Osage Trail Legacy Project creates historical sculpture

Cuba, Missouri is readying to create an Osage sculpture with the members of an Osage family and their dog traveling Westward on the Osage Trail. The steel sculpture will be 35 feet tall, 20 feet wide, and 80 feet in length and celebrate the customs and traditions of the Osage Nation.

Supporting Viva Cuba and Beautification Projects

The May 5th Giving Day is over, but Viva Cuba continues its projects to beautify Cuba. Soon the new Welcome banners will take their place on utilities poles to brighten the landscape. Thanks to all the businesses and individuals who also do their parts to make our small town a great place to live, raise families, and do business. Viva Cuba! Here’s a summary with photos of past projects. Watch our video of some of our scenes around Cuba, MO “Route 66 Mural City.”

A West Washington “Small art” Project completed

Where there was once blight, there is now whimsical art that makes Cuba, Missouri just a little more special.

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