They trashed your town…trash zombies hit Cuba

Throw down at the museum

Cans at Recklein Commons by the Museum and Veterans Memorial are an eyesore.

They trashed your town..

Yes, it’s true. While you weren’t looking, they trashed your town.

They threw their beer cans on the lawn of your museum.

They threw their drink bottle in front of the Recklein Memorial Library, where it is now surrounded by debris. I don’t think this is what William Recklein had in mind when he built the library as a memorial to his wife.

Trash in Recklein Commons area

Plastic bottles are everywhere, including in front of the Recklein Memorial Library.

They emptied their cars at the car wash, and the result wasn’t pretty. We don’t like how some people “clean out their cars.”

Toss that trash

Even though there are trash containers at the car wash, many just toss trash on the parking lot where it blows around until it finds a resting place.

Snacks were discarded in the historic district.


Trash zombies finish their snacks and discard them on the streets of the historic district where new sidewalks were installed to improve the area.

They re-landscaped the flower boxes with a beer bottle. Maybe they thought they would grow full beers by spring.

Beer bottles in the planters

Beer bottles in the flower boxes aren’t needed, even in the winter. When they break, they make planting flowers a tricky task.


Fast food wrappers, lottery tickets, plastic grocery bags, candy wrappers…


This time of year trash is very visible when the green is off the plantings.

Who are the trash zombies who come while we aren’t looking and leave their droppings behind?

Who will clean up after them? Didn’t they get the memo?

Treasure Cuba Poster


Viva Cuba Adopt-A-Street Program is available if you, your organization, or business would like to keep our town a cleaner place to grow a business or raise a family. Watch for details of our annual Trash Bash in May.

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