Spirals Art Gallery & Studio becomes part of Cuba’s Route 66 history

Spirals Art Gallery formerly Sinclair Station on Route 66 in Cuba, MO

The former Route 66 Sinclair station is now an art gallery and studio.

The ramshackle blue building had become a Route 66 eyesore. The former Sinclair Station had seen better days. In stepped artist Merry Cloer and her husband Adam to create a “hands-on” artistic renovation.

The article in the Cuba Free Press ” Route 66 art gallery and studio spirals into being” tells the story behind this new part of Route 66 history.

1. How did Cloer and her husband meet?

2. Why did they decide to tackle this project?

3. How have they incorporated history into their plans?

4. What are their plans going forward?

5. Can you get your artwork a place in the gallery?

Read the article and stop by this latest addition to Route 66 history in Cuba to see what can be done with vision and handwork.

Here are a few interior photos:

Mosaic Mirror Spirals Art Gallery Cuba

One of Merry Cloer's mosaic mirrors dominates its corner position. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, wood items, and jewelry all find a place in the gallery.

Hand painted vase Spirals Gallery Cuba, Mo

This hand painted vase is an example of the artwork in the studio.


Route 66 Spirals Art Gallery Cuba, Mo

One of Cloer's mirrors reflects some of the art available in the gallery.

2 responses to “Spirals Art Gallery & Studio becomes part of Cuba’s Route 66 history”

  1. Taylor Hunn says:

    This place looks amazing! I’ve been driving by this place everyday, but it is always closed. I really want to see what it looks like on the inside and help out any way I can.

  2. jane says:

    Spirals Gallery is also on Facebook. Check out the hours there. I am sure the owner would love to meet you. She is going to have an art festival during Spyderfest for April 27th to April 29.

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