Cuba, Mo History Museum Displays Christmas Exhibits Nov. 30-Dec.30

Hats & Gloves Tree Cuba  Mo History Musuem 2011

The Crawford County History Musuem's hat and glove tree from the 1950's is just one of their themed trees on display in December.

If you want a little history with your Christmas, be sure to make the Crawford County History Museum on Smith Street a stop in December.

Among their usual displays and artifacts they are featuring the following:

*10 themed Christmas trees with a historic or cultural significance

*Pat Cookson’s award winning fireplace screen

*Ben Brown’s White House ornament collection

*Dee Tarnowkis’s antique Santa collection

*Many more Christmas items of interest

Cuba Missouri Presidential Ornaments

These White House collectible Christmas ornaments are part of the seasonal exhibit.

These seasonal displays will be on exhibit starting November 30th for the month of  December. Visit the museum website for photos of other exhibits and hours.

Visit this blog entry to read more about fiber artist Pat Cookson.









Spirals Art Gallery & Studio becomes part of Cuba’s Route 66 history

Spirals Art Gallery formerly Sinclair Station on Route 66 in Cuba, MO

The former Route 66 Sinclair station is now an art gallery and studio.

The ramshackle blue building had become a Route 66 eyesore. The former Sinclair Station had seen better days. In stepped artist Merry Cloer and her husband Adam to create a “hands-on” artistic renovation.

The article in the Cuba Free Press ” Route 66 art gallery and studio spirals into being” tells the story behind this new part of Route 66 history.

1. How did Cloer and her husband meet?

2. Why did they decide to tackle this project?

3. How have they incorporated history into their plans?

4. What are their plans going forward?

5. Can you get your artwork a place in the gallery?

Read the article and stop by this latest addition to Route 66 history in Cuba to see what can be done with vision and handwork.

Here are a few interior photos:

Mosaic Mirror Spirals Art Gallery Cuba

One of Merry Cloer's mosaic mirrors dominates its corner position. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, wood items, and jewelry all find a place in the gallery.

Hand painted vase Spirals Gallery Cuba, Mo

This hand painted vase is an example of the artwork in the studio.


Route 66 Spirals Art Gallery Cuba, Mo

One of Cloer's mirrors reflects some of the art available in the gallery.

Photographer John Herman shares Death Valley photos

John Herman Photo Death Valley Ghost town

This ghost town shot by John Herman provides an eerie photo that catches the evening skies and shows a multitude of stars.

Cuba businessman John Herman‘s interest in photography began in college when he took highly technical photos of Olympic athletes. Later, he developed an interest in astronomy. This past winter a 3-day photo class in Death Valley brought his interests together, and the results are amazing. Herman recently had an exhibit at Cuba Lakes Golf Club. You can read about Herman’s photo journey in this Cuba Free Press article.

If you were not able to attend the photo exhibit, we are sharing some of Herman’s photos below. The melding of spacious landscapes and technical expertise make for some excellent viewing. Herman is one  of Cuba’s growing number of talented photographers.

John Herman photo Zabriski Point Death Valley

This dawn scene shows Herman and his classmates setting up their tripods at Zabriski Point, one of Death Valley's most scenic views.

John Herman photo Sand Dunes Death Valley

Herman's dune photo captures the best light of the day for photography.

John Herman photo Death Valley

The bright light is a star. Stars show very brightly in the unpolluted atmosphere.

John Herman Death Valley Photo

The class at Death Valley started at 4:30 am each morning in order to capture the best light. After a break, classes resumed at 6:30 pm until after midnight.

All photo rights reserved to John Herman. No photos used without permission.

Florence Mullen celebrates 100th birthday

Francis Mullen Cuba, Missouri

On November 5, Florence Mullen celebrated her 100th birthday at a Recklein Auditorium Celebration. Photo by Genifer Cape

Museums, monuments, a snappy mural name, attractions, and more can be found in Cuba. But the bedrock of a town is the citizens who have lived here, influenced others, and made Cuba their own. Florence Mullen is one such person. On Saturday, November 5, surrounded by friends and family, Mrs. Mullen celebrated her 100th birthday at Recklein Auditorium. Relatives came from all over to join her on her special day.

Florence was married to Hank Mullen in 1928, and they lived in St. Louis for awhile. Later they moved to Cuba, and bought a farm in 1943. Mr. Mullen died in 1979, and Mrs. Mullen lived on the farm for eight more years before moving to Cuba. Mrs. Mullen raised 12 children in a time without a lot of the modern conveniences. She has 27 grandchildren, 57 great grandchildren, and 24 great, great grandchildren with more on the way.

In May, 2010, she was recognized by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan as being one of the oldest voting Democrats in Missouri. She has voted in every election since women got the vote. According to a Cuba Free Press article, she was always fond of Harry Truman. She used the name Truman for the middle name for her son Cliff, who died from injuries sustained while fighting in the Vietnam War.

In 2007, two of her sons initiated the effort to build the Veterans Memorial to honor their brother Cliff. They wanted to complete their project so that their mother could take part in its dedication. In 2009, the memorial was dedicated with Mrs. Mullen placing a wreath beneath her son Cliff’s name. Six of Mrs. Mullen’s seven sons have their names engraved on the Cuba Veterans Memorial.

Phil, Florence, and W.D. Mullen

Florence Mullen, along with her sons Phil and W.D. watches the erection of the Cuba Veterans Memorial in the Recklein Commons area.

Mrs. Mullen lives alone in her Cuba home although she has help. She can often be seen about town lunching with some of her children or other young relatives. She still loves to get out and go. She plans to attend this year’s Veterans Ceremony at the memorial that means so much to her family.

Viva Cuba  congratulates Mrs. Mullen on her momentous birthday, and we appreciate her influence on our community.

Read the full story of the Cuba Veterans Memorial.

Cuba Chamber website gets new design

UPDATE: The site has once more been updated and has an entirely new look than described below; however, the address remains the same.

The Chamber of Commerce website in new with a bright, clean look. This photo displays the site as it shows on an iPad.

The Cuba Area Chamber of Commerce decided that it wanted a new website that would better showcase Cuba, Missouri’s one-of-a-kind attractions and also foster its position as a business and industry hub. The Chamber wanted to show how Cuba stands out from other small Midwestern towns.

After all, how many towns have the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, the historic landmark oldest motel on Route 66, or is known as Route 66 Mural City? And with the Enterprise Zone, four industrial parks, and other business benefits, the city is ready to expand upon its strong business foundation.

The Chamber wanted to attract visitors online and also in person to its attractive Visitor Center that is ready to greet visitors with coffee, WiFi, and a friendly staff.

Cuba, Missouri Visitor Center

One of the new tabs leads to a section about the Chamber Visitor Center, which is one of Cuba’s assets to both locals and visitors.

The Chairperson of the Chamber’s Marketing Committee Chris Herrell met with Lisa Hoover of Delrio Design who was given the job of designing the new site. With a lot of photos and a clean layout, Hoover helped chamber members create their customized site to tell Cuba’s story.

Norma Bretz, Chamber secretary, has updated the site’s events section, and the business directory of Chamber members is in place. Businesses should check their listings and let Norma know if any of their information has changed. She is also ready to help Chamber members promote their events on the website, through emails, and on her weekly radio visits.

Hoover will provide monthly maintenance to the site, and there may be tweaks to the site in the future as needs arise. Everyone is encouraged to visit the new site and see what makes Cuba “a small town with big ideas.”

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