Blasting away at Cuba’s Veterans Memorial

Cuba, Missouri adding names to memorial

The story of the Veterans Memorial in Cuba, Missouri continues each time that names are added.

The Veterans Memorial on N. Smith Street in Cuba, Missouri was erected in 2008 in time for a Veterans Day dedication. The story of the two brothers Phil and W.D. Mullen whose dedication to their brother Cliff  sparked the creation of the memorial can be read here. It’s a powerful story. Each Veterans Day since then, the community gathers to honor all our veterans who have fought in foreign wars.

However, the story is not over. It was part of the Mullen brothers plan for the memorial that names could be added later.  They knew names might be overlooked when the monument was inscribed. It was their drive to include all veterans that fueled the project in the first place

Today, October 7, 2011, while on N. Smith Street, I ran across the process where names are added to the memorial. A few photos will show part of  the process. Stencils are put in place, and then the sandblasting occurs. The gentleman Michael Petty from Desloge who was doing the work on this day, said it was the first time that he had worked on the memorial as the previous inscriber had retired.

Today, eight names were being added. A conversation with Phil Mullen said that there had been 973 names on the memorial initially. There are over 1000 names now , and names have been added four times. Anyone  who knows of names that need to be added can talk to Phil or W.D. Mullen in Cuba or go through the Crawford County Foundation.  Donations are still taken for the maintenance of the memorial.

Next month on Veterans Day, attend the ceremony at the memorial that honors our troops, then and now. You will find the Mullens brothers there.

Cuba, Missouri Memorial

A stencil and masking is put in place prior to sandblasting.

Cuba, Missouri Veterans Memorial

All the names are prepared prior to sandblasting

Veterans Memorial Cuba Missouri

The story is not over for Cuba's Veterans Memorial. Names are still being added.

Cemetery Lettering

This trailer holds all the equipment necessary to add names to the memorial.

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