Tri-C apple butter sweetens Cuba Fest

Jan and Marcia making apple butter

These Tri-C members use the new fangled Squeezo to process the apples.

The Tri-C Club of Cuba, Missouri, part of  a national women’s group,  is known for its community efforts to make Cuba a better place. They host the Survivor Tent during the Relay for Life, sponsor the Senior Tea for Cuba’s senior girls, organize the Cuba Fest, and perform many other community  service projects. One of their annual events involves appleslot of apples. The result is some of the best homemade apple butter that you will taste.

In 1984, the Stubblefield family made the apple butter at the annual arts festival, which has become known as Cuba Fest. The Tri-C organization thought it would be a great project for the club, and the Stubblefield family graciously gave the Tri-C organization their valuable recipe, so in 1985, the annual Tri-C fundraiser of making and selling apple butter began.

Recently, the Tri-C women got together at the Methodist Church to prepare batches of apples for what one of their members called their “funraiser” because they laugh so much while they do it. If laughter and the ability to talk while working add to the taste, this is some great tasting apple butter.

Originally, the Stubblefield family always bought 4 bushels of Jonathan apples. They peeled, cored, cooked, and ran them through a foley mill to make the sauce. Then they put the sauce in a copper kettle and brought it to a boil. When it boiled, they added 10 pounds of sugar for every bushel. They cooked it for five hours or until all the extra moisture was out. They tested it by putting some on a spoon and letting it cool. If it stayed in a peak and there was no moisture around the edges, it was ready to can. That is when you have to hurry, hurry, hurry, so that all the jars seal.

Making apple butter Cuba, Missouri

The Tri-C ladies filling the Squeezo to process the cooked apples.

Cooking apple butter Cuba Missouri

Catherine cooks the apples.

Tri-C has modernized the process a little by using what they call their new fangled Squeezo instead of the foley mill. It is still labor intensive, but you put the cooked apples in the top (with peels and core on), turn the handle, and the  sauce comes out one side and the peels another. Sounds like apple butter magic to me. They also use less sugar, about 25-30 pounds per four bushels.They use 12 bushels of apples from Happy Apples in Washington, Missouri and get 40-45 quarts per bushel. The secret combination of spices still provides that distinctive Stubblefield apple butter flavor.

These photos show the club processing the apples into sauce at the Methodist Church. Then the sauce was refrigerated. At another session, they met at Wallace House and cooked the apple sauce outside over an open fire in the copper kettle to make the apple butter. When it was cooked to perfection, they rushed it inside for the canning assembly line.

They only sell pints and half pints now. Pints are $8.00 and half pints are $6.00, and it is a sell out production.

According to Tri-C member Judy Workman, “There is always a lot of laughter and good times together during the apple butter making. It is well worth the work.”

During Cuba Fest on Saturday October 20, they will be cooking a batch outside in that old copper kettle using the long handled wooden paddle to stir it with. They might even give you a turn stirring if you ask nicely.

If  you want some of that famous Stubblefield apple butter, show up on Smith Street on October 20-21, 2012 to purchase a jar. Follow the wood smoke to the copper kettle.

Cuba, Missouri apple mural

In the early 1900s, “Apples were king,” in Cuba and a force in the economy. Today, apples are still part of our history with the making of the Tri-C apple butter. 


Mural maintenance marches on…

Leslie Faust repairs a tire in Cuba, Missouri

St. Louis artist Leslie Faust repairs a tire with her paint brush.

After Viva Cuba’s murals are commissioned and painted, the work and expense does not stop. Weather and time degrade the murals. Therefore, it is necessary to main an inspection schedule and then arrange for artists and maintenance painting in a timely manner.

This summer, mural artist Ray Harvey did some touch-up painting and sealing on the murals on the Phillips 66 station where weather had faded some of the colors.

Recently, St. Louis artist Leslie Faust spent time in Cuba doing some repair work on the Al West Sr. mural. While waiting for some primer to dry, she played the part of a Cuba tourist. She visited the World’s Largest Rocking Chair and the Wagon Wheel Motel. She was amazed that she met people from England and France in that short time.

This fall local painter Susie Haffer will also be doing some touchups and work on some of the plaque stands.

As we say in Viva Cuba, “it’s always something.” Thank-you for your patience and consideration as our artists work on mural maintenance to keep the “Route 66 Mural City” looking good.

Leslie Faust Cuba, Missouri

We find that people enjoy watching the artists work on the murals, whether it is when they or painting them or repairing them.




Book your tour for Cuba’s Route 66 Mural City

 Come to Cuba, Missouri for your personalized tour… Legends Bank bus at the Outpost 66 General Store/World's Largest Rocking Chair

The Legends Bus had its photo opportunity with the World’s Largest Rocking Chair

Viva Cuba invites groups and organizations to take advantage of our step-on-guides and help in coordinating your trip to Cuba, Missouri “Route 66 Mural City.” We will meet your group, climb aboard, and direct you on your visit to our town. Come along and see what the Legends Bank Group from Linn, Missouri did while they were in town.

1. See the Guinness World’s Largest Rocking at the Fanning 66 Outpost & General Store. If you choose, enjoy the many eclectic offerings of the store, sample some wine or spirits, and visit with the friendly staff. There is also a 4-plex archery center on the premises.

Buses from Legends Bank at Connie's Shoppe at the Wagon Wheel Motel

The large tour buses seem to dwarf the office and Connie's Shoppe at the Wagon Wheel Motel.

Connie's Shoppe at the Wagon Wheel Motel Cuba, MO

The tourers found a lot to look at while at the Wagon Wheel Motel's gift shop.

2. Learn the history of the Wagon Wheel Motel, the oldest roadside motel on Route 66. Enjoy the offerings of Connie’s Shoppe at the Wagon Wheel Motel.

Narrated tour of Cuba, Missouri murals

Viva Cuba member Jill Barnett was the step-on-guide who shared the stories behind Cuba's murals with the Legends Bank group. The murals combine art and history, and each one has a story.

3. One of Viva Cuba’s step-on-guides will tell you the many colorful stories behind Cuba’s murals and history. Find out why one of Cuba’s paparazzi was chased down the  street by Bette Davis‘s male companion in 1948. Why was Harry Truman ignored by the townspeople in 1940?

WW II Veterans at the Gold Star Boys Mural Cuba, Missouri

The tour director asked the WW II veterans to pose in front of the Gold Star boys mural.

Wallace House Cuba, Missouri

After their tour and shopping, the buses stopped at historic Wallace House to enjoy some of the 21 pies that local women had baked. Some enjoyed topping it off with ice cream.

Interior of Wallace House Cuba, Missouri

After a full day, it was nice to relax and enjoy a little socializing.

4.  We can visit with your representative about other attractions, shops, and places to eat in Cuba. We have dining establishments from the convenient chains to those in our historic uptown area along Route 66.

Exterior of Wallace House Cuba, Missouri

Wallace House was built as a private residence in 1885, was utilized as the Methodist Church from 1928 to the 60s, and is now used for private events. Its porches are still perfect for relaxing on a beautiful day. The Legends group sat on the porch, studied the nearby mural, and walked around the grounds before beginning their trip home.

Cone to Cuba, Missouri “Route 66 Mural City” and become part of the town where art meets history. Bring your camera.

Here’s a few more idea about visiting Cuba: “20 Things to Do…”

And the young shall lead them…

Cuba, Missouri Leadership Class Service Project

Reflective safety vests were the uniform of the day for Cuba High School's Leadership Class.

The Cuba High School Leadership Class Lends a Hand in Historic District

Rebecca Hester’s Leadership Class gave up some of their after school time to pick up trash in historic Cuba and prune some of the planting areas by Frisco’s. Donning some orange safety vests, they completed one of the service projects that the Leadership Class requires.

The class earlier adopted the street in front of the school, and they pick up trash there as part of the City’s & Viva Cuba’s Adopt-A-Street program.  Mrs. Hester contacted Viva Cuba and said that her class needed other projects and recently they worked in the historic district to make Cuba a cleaner place to live and do business. Viva Cuba, and we hope everyone else, appreciates the work that these kids do. We hope their good example and leadership will inspire some adults to keep Cuba clean as well.

Leadership class group shot Cuba, Missouri

One thing about kids, they can make any task fun when they get together.

Leadership Class Trash pickup Cuba, Miissouri

The historic district is a little cleaner because of kids like this.

Leadership class Cuba, Missouri

As the clouds got darker, the big yellow bus came over the tracks to make sure the kids got back to school dry and safe. Viva Cuba also salutes the school staff that helps our kids everyday while they are at school.

An Eagle Scout Project Helps Beautify Cuba

Eddie Dunakey is only 12-years-old, but he isn’t waiting to become a teen ager before he works on his Eagle Scout Project or before he helps Cuba’s beautification projects.

On Labor Day,  a flag raising ceremony took place in front of the Cuba Head Start Building. Dunakey and his Troop 463 worked together to erect the flag and complete the landscaping around it. Before the flag raising, Dunakey gave a speech thanking the community for their support. Rep. Jason Smith was on hand to speak a few words as well.

A Cuba Free Press article “Eagle Scout project dedicated at Head Start” gives more details on the event.

Boy Scout Eddie Dunakey Scout Project Cuba, Mo

Eddie Dunakey and Troop 463 worked to erect the flag pole outside the new Head Start Building and landscape around it. An American flag in colored blocks was also part of the design. Maybe this project will inspire some of the Head Start kids to complete their own Scout projects some day.

As always, Viva Cuba is proud of these groups of young people. If your group completes beautification projects, please let us know so that we can recognize it.

September 24-25: Cruise Route 66 to Cuba, Missouri for big times in a small town

Tourists in Cuba, MIssouri Sept. 24, 2011

A thundering herd of tourists will travel to Cuba, Missouri on September 24.

It is a cliché that you can’t find anything to do in a small town Well, forget that noise. Come to Cuba on September 24-25 for a plethora of activities and attractions. If you come by the Big Road (I-44), there is a well-appointed Visitor Center at Exit 208 across from Country Kitchen where you can stop for directions and info. If you come by Route 66, keep going until you see signs.

Here’s what you can look forward to on September 24-25…

Starting on Saturday, the 24th

1. Lions Club Car Show in the Uptown Historic District on Route 66:

*Trucks, motorcycles, cars galore.

*Vendors, BBQ, and more.

*In the middle of the “Route 66 Mural City’s” Mural district-Grab a mural brochure from the mailbox on the Bank Annex building

Rat truck Cuba, Missouri Car Show

Rat trucks are becoming a popular attraction at the show.

Car show Cuba, Missouri  Mural District

The car show is in the middle of the historic mural district.

Lions Club Car Show Cuba, Missouri

Cars, trucks, & motorcycles attract lookers to the annual car show.

Vendors Lions Club Car Show

Vendors add to the car show atmosphere.

David Judd Cuba, Missouri Car Show

Photographer David Judd's table at the car show is popular with the car, truck, and motorcycle crowd.

2. Route 66 Outpost General Store and Archery Center(4 miles west of Cuba):

*See the Guinness World’s Largest Rocking Chair and Outpost Mural

The Rocker was on the first page of the St. Louis Post Travel section last weekend

*Shop the unique inventory at the store.

*On Saturday, the Archery Center at the Outpost is having its annual Iron Buck Archery Tournament

*Outpost Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday

Fanning US66 Outpost & Archery Center

The annual Iron Buck Tournament & Customer Appreciation Day brings crowds to the Outpost.

3. Crawford County Historical Society Museum  & Veterans Memorial

*Located on Smith Street at Recklein Commons (There is a sign on Route 66)

*Check the website for the museum’s hours

4. Spirals Gallery on Route 66 across from the Cuba Free Press building opens October 15 but…

*If you are of an artistic nature, stop in on September 24 to discuss putting some consignment items in the gallery. Saturday 9:00-Noon.

Viva Cuba Logo all rights reserved

As the temporary sign says, Spirals Art Gallery & Studio on Route 66 is coming soon. Stop by to see about consigning some of your art.

5. Belmont Vineyards and Winery on Route 66 (about 2 1’2  miles east of the Wagon Wheel Motel)

*Terry Beck Performing at 1:00 on Saturday.

*Tasting room for their award winning wines , covered porch, and pavilion

*Good views, appetizers, & friendly people

*You can also take your own snacks to eat

*Beer, wine, and soft drinks for purchase

Belmont Winery Pavilion Cuba, Missouri

The covered pavilion and porch at Belmont Winery are great places to relax.

6. Stop in at Connie’s Shoppe at the Wagon Wheel Motel, the oldest motel on Route 66 and a Historic Landmark.

*Stop by and get take some photos of this Route 66 icon

*If you think you might want to stay over night, you better book now.

And if you do stay overnight, on the 25…

7. Holy Cross Church is having their Parish Picnic & Dinner on Sunday the 25th. Good food and family fun. The museum also has Sunday hours. View the 1000 names on the Veterans Memorial to pay respect to those from the Cuba area that served our country.

*Located at Recklein Commons at School and Smith Streets

*Country store, basket raffle, games, beer garden, bingo

Holy Cross Parish Picnic & Dinner

The Holy Cross Picnic & Dinner on September 25 offers something for everyone.

On September 24-25 cruise into Cuba, Missouri, “Route 66 Mural City” for big times in a small town. . Bring your camera.

If you have more time, you might want to check out some of these attractions: “20 Things to Do in Cuba, Missouri”


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