Cuba, Missouri Murals takes video on the road…

St. Genevieve Main Street Conference 2011

The group enjoyed Viva Cuba’s video presentation at the Main Street Conference.

Viva Cuba members spoke at the Missouri Main Street Connection Quarterly Workshop in St. Genevieve, Missouri on March 8. Conference organizers asked that we present information on our Route 66 Mural Project: how it was started, implemented, and impacted the town. The conference is part of the Missouri Main Street  Connection.

With a handout outlining our mural experience and a video that shows the town in action, we  drove off down the highway on a rainy Tuesday morning.

We posted the Viva Cuba Mural Project video on You Tube so that conference attendees could access it for members of their groups who were not at the conferences. Viva Cuba also gets calls from reporters and groups in other towns who are interested in the project. This video gives them a reference point to get information.  The video is longer than what you usually see on You Tube, but it gives an overall view of the different aspects of the Viva Cuba mural project.

Conference organizers promoted the conference as being for “anyone interested in learning about commercial district revitalization and improving the economic health and vitality of the community.”

Our video about the mural project was well received at the conference, and we are always ready to talk about Cuba. Crystal Narr, a representative from Main Street Chillicothe, also spoke about their mural program.

After our video, Viva Cuba Mural Project chairperson Jill Barnett spoke about the impact of the murals on Cuba, and then answered questions from the crowd.

All in all, it was fun to spread Cuba’s story with other towns in Missouri. Viva Cuba!

Main Street Conference 2011 Jill Barnett

Viva Cuba’s Jill Barnet, mural project chairperson, answered questions after the video presentation.

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