Do you remember? Standing at the 4-way on Route 66 in 2006…

Viva Cuba Garden Cuba MO pre-landscaping

This photo was taken in January of 2006 before the Viva Cuba Garden was re-landscaped in time for Cuba's 150th Anniversary in 2007.

I was looking for another photo from 2006, when I ran across these photos from January 2006. This was before the murals were painted on the Phillips 66 Station. It was before Viva Cuba re-landscaped the garden on the corner. It was before the traffic control boxes were painted. There were no roses, no brick wall, no train replica, no planters, and no black benches. It was before the new Viva Cuba Garden sign.

Notice the color that the Phillips 66 Station was painted. You may not remember, but it was painted turquoise for a short time before it was decided that the dark green was more historically accurate.

Unpainted traffic control boxes

It looked kind of bare at the Viva Cuba Garden before the landscaping and before the traffic control boxes were painted.

Pre-murals Phillips 66 Station

Viva Cuba was making surface preparations for mural painting. Notice the turquoise color that was on the station for a short time.

Pre-station murals Cuba, MO

Artist Ray Harvey received this photo to help him design the murals that would go here.

Sometimes we forget what came before and how our landscape has changed. It is important to document the before as well as the after and every once in awhile to look back at the changes we have made.  It also good to preserve our buildings and protect our heritage to make the present all the richer.

Phillips 66 station murals

Today, the view of the old Phillips 66 Station is much different.

Painted traffic control boxes Cuba MO

The utilitarian traffic control boxes have a much different look today. The roses put on their own show.

Viva Cuba Garden Train Replica Cuba MO

The train replica reminds us of our heritage as a railroad town.


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  1. Ray Harvey says:

    What a difference community spirit makes! …and hard work.

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