Cuba, Missouri’s artist Julie Balogh Brand

The art of Julie Balogh Brand

Another in a series of  Viva Cuba’s Mural artist updates for 2010

Julie Balogh Brand, who worked with another local artist Shelly Smith Steiger, on the Amelia, the Millworks, and River murals, never set out to be a mural artist. She is a fine art ceramic artist who works from her studio in the lower level of her home. She uses clay and glazes to create beautiful handmade objects that are also practical such as a bowl, a vase, or a pitcher.

She uses stoneware clay and paints her underglazes directly onto the pottery, firing it in her kiln more than once. Each piece takes many hours of  shaping, painting, and firing to create the colorful pieces that have her distinctive style. Balogh Brand creates custom pieces for many clients.

Balogh Brand fires pieces more than once in during production.

Balogh Brand fires pieces more than once in during production.

Balogh Brand was born in in Cleveland, Ohio and lived in New York City but has been living and working at her country home in Cuba since 1994. She is largely self taught although she has taken workshops with internationally known ceramic artists. Her father’s Hungarian ancestry and trips to Hungary exposed her to colorful Hungarian pottery and embroidery, which are influences on her art.

The glaze painting process takes several hours.

The glaze painting process takes several hours.

Since moving to Cuba, Balogh Brand learned mural painting, married, and had a son Ian (an aspiring artist himself). Before Ian’s birth, she taught children and adults from her home studio.  She currently teaches ceramic courses for various schools and from her studio.

Balogh Brand's artwork is on display at

Julie Balogh Brand with some of her work at

For more details and photos of her art, visit her website at

3 responses to “Cuba, Missouri’s artist Julie Balogh Brand”

  1. Linda Francis says:

    Where are you displaying your work now that the Books and Gifts have closed. Do you display at a gallery in Rolla or someplace full time?

  2. Julie Balogh Brand says:

    All new work coming in 2012 as I sold everything over the past month to many supporters of the arts here in the Cuba area. Thank you for your encouragement and interest. I feel fortunate to be a part of this community.

  3. jane says:

    We are fortunate to have artists of the caliber of Julie associated with our mural and other community projects. She will also have a new website in 2012. We will keep you posted.

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